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Before treatment:
  • Avoid sun exposure (including tanning beds) for 24 hrs prior to appointment, as sunburned skin cannot be treated.
  • Do not wear any lotion, deodorant, or any other skin care products on the areas you intend to have hair removed.
  • If this is your first visit, please allow hair to grow 2 or more weeks prior to your appointment. (1/4 inch or longer) With subsequent visits, as the hair becomes finer, hair can be removed easily as short as 1/16th of an inch.
  • Women - Ideally book your appointment after your menstrual cycle, when your body will be less sensitive.
After Treatment:
  • Avoid for 24hrs : perfumed skin products, heavy sweating, sun exposure, hot tubs, pools (excluding salt water pools and tubs) and exfoiliating, as skin may be irritated while pores gently close.
  • 24hrs after your appointment, begin exfoliating your skin. You may do so prior to showering using a dry brush or during showering using exfoliating spa gloves or loofahs.
  • Moisturize often to avoid ingrown hairs.
    Is SugarBrig painful?
    SugarBrig is the least painful method of hair removal. It feels like a bandage being removed. After the first session, the pain is virtually non-existent.
    What are these tiny red dots that appear after my treatment?
    Tiny red spots may appear on the skin for a few hours to even up to a day later.This is normal. This indicates that the hairs have been removed completely from the follicle. They will shortly disappear.
    This is my first treatment. I have developed a few whiteheads in the area treated. Why?
    The most important thing to remember is to keep the area that was just treated as clean and dry as possible. After the hair is removed from the follicle, the pores will remain open for a few hours or more. If too much bacteria gets in the pore it could become irritated. This will disappear with subsequent visits, as the pores become smaller. *Refer to AFTER TREATMENT CARE.
    How do I avoid getting ingrown hairs?
    Some people are prone to developing ingrown hairs. To avoid this, exfoliation is extremely important.This will remove the dead or dry skin and lets the hair grow through the surface. (NOTE: Exfoliating should not be done on the day of or after your appointment. It will make the area too sensitive and irritated.) Moisturizing is also as important and it best done immediately after showering.
    How often will I need treatments?
    Your first 2-3 appointments are the most important. Sessions should be rebooked between 2-6 weeks, depending on the body area treated. By booking these treatments closer together, this will quickly reduce the amount of hair that regrows. In time, with regular appointments hair will grow in thinner and more sparadic. Regular treatments result in a less painful, more thorough removal of hairs, and allows for slower growth of hair which can, in time, lead to permanent hair removal.

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